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Podcast | Where Does One Invest When US Valuations are Stretched?

Watch or listen to a recording of a Podcast by Ken Moore on May 14th. 

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Podcast Overview

Where Does One Invest When US Valuations are Stretched?
Which will win, Government Policy or Market Forces?

In this podcast, we discussed the following:

  • The US market is overvalued; index strategies such as ETFs and do it yourself stock picking strategies are likely to disappoint
  • Valuations will fall either due to lower earnings or lower multiples
  • Tried and true Stock picking strategies will likely outperform
    - What this is
    - How we do it
    - Why it is so hard to do it on your own
  • An alternative approach (other than traditional bonds) is needed to make money on an Absolute Basis when bonds are priced to lose money after inflation
  • Some of the investment ideas we favor

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Ken Moore

Written by Ken Moore

Ken’s focus is on investment strategy, research and analysis as well as financial planning strategy. Ken plays the lead role of our team identifying investments that fit the philosophy of the Global View approach. He is a strict adherent to Margin of Safety investment principles and has a strong belief in the power of business cycles. On a personal note, Ken was born in 1964 in Lexington Virginia, has been married since 1991. Immediately before locating to Greenville in 1997, Ken lived in New York City.

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