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Rare Interview with Jean Marie Eveillard

Recently legendary value investor Jean Marie Eveillard offered a rare interview with Consuelo Mac of WealthTrack.  Eveillard's low risk and high return investment track record is unrivaled.  In this interview, Jean Marie explains how he transitioned his investment strategy from a pure deep value Benjamin Graham method of valuation to the Buffett, wide moat style of investing in 1986 because Graham opportunities went away.  Because the wide moat style of investing requires a lot more work, he had to build up at team.


Most of the team Jean Marie built up, including several analysts, his Co-Portfolio Manager (Charles deVaulx), and Director of Research (Chuck deLardemelle)  later left and went on to form International Value Advisors in 2007 and 2008.


To learn more about why we hold Jean Marie in such high regard, see our blog from last year:

Ken Moore

Written by Ken Moore

Ken’s focus is on investment strategy, research and analysis as well as financial planning strategy. Ken plays the lead role of our team identifying investments that fit the philosophy of the Global View approach. He is a strict adherent to Margin of Safety investment principles and has a strong belief in the power of business cycles. On a personal note, Ken was born in 1964 in Lexington Virginia, has been married since 1991. Immediately before locating to Greenville in 1997, Ken lived in New York City.

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