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Medicare Enrollment – What You Need to Know

One of the many benefits of reaching age 65 is that you become eligible for federal Medicare coverage, which provides substantial financial support for your healthcare costs in retirement. For a lot of people, that’s about all they know about Medicare. And that’s a problem!

The truth is, you must make a few important decisions when you sign up for Medicare. It is essential to understand how the program works and what it covers. There are a lot of misconceptions about Medicare and what it provides. The most common: Medicare is not free!

For many, healthcare is one of the biggest costs. This applies to those still earning income and retirees. Open enrollment for Health Care is also an important time for those who do not have coverage from their employer. Health insurance expenses change every year. 

At Global View, we want to get ahead of the problem. Don’t be pressured into making rushed and uneducated decisions.  We recently met with Will Arndt of Healthcare Planners Inc to discuss the important elements, elements we think you should know.  


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Matthew Crider

Written by Matthew Crider

Matt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who has been in the financial advisory business since 2008. He holds a BA in Marketing and Management from the University of Cincinnati and his MBA from Clemson University. Prior to Global View, Matt began his career with Fidelity Investments. His specialties at Global View include asset accumulation and investment strategies; college funding strategies; budgeting discipline and analysis; multi-generational planning; and life event changes, such as marriage, kids, home purchase, retirement, etc.

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