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Entering Retirement

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Do you find retirement choices overwhelming?

  •   How do you start your monthly pension and start spending retirement savings?
  •   What about your health insurance?
  •   What do you do with your 401k plan?
  •   What about social security benefits and Medicare?

Our Retirement Planning Checklist will help you make sure you address the necessary tasks before retiring.  If you are not already working with an advisor, we believe it is important to start active planning at least a year before you actually retire in order to minimize any tax surprises and make sure you have considered all issues.  Please see our Retirement-Planning Checklist.

After reviewing the Checklist, if you don’t have an advisor or think you might be better served using a fee only advisor who is a fiduciary to you, give us a call at 864-272-0818 or email for a no cost, no obligation retirement planning review. 

Joe Hines

Written by Joe Hines

Joey's primary focus is working with clients in the goals setting and financial planning process. He has extensive experience is in helping clients facilitate the decision making process, leading them through the implementation of their financial plan and contributing to their peace of mind. This includes helping clients gain an understanding of estate planning, charitable giving, and helping them implement these plans by working closely with estate planning attorneys.

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