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Preferred Partner Closing another Fund, only 1 Fund open under Fund Family after Close

The two flagship funds of Global View’s favorite Investment Manager have been soft closed for almost a year now. In November of last year they announced a hard closing of two of their 4 funds, staying true to their investment principles. At the end of 2013, as planned, the fund family opened their Emerging Markets strategy. This fund was so widely sought after by institutional investors that the firm soft closed the strategy before it ever made it to the public. Yesterday, Global View received an email informing us that this strategy too will soon necessitate a HARD close, to protect the integrity of the strategy. After the hard close, no inflows from ANYONE into the funds will be accepted. The close date is August 15th, NEXT FRIDAY.

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This manager has the best track record in absolute terms, as well as risk adjusted returns, of ANY MANAGER we have reviewed at Global View. For compliance reasons we cannot publicly display the name of the fund or the manager. Global View considers this fund to be one of THE BEST long-term investment opportunities available and certainly the best in this space. We feel very strongly, that those who are unable to take a significant position in the fund before it closes will be left with permanent regret. For those who do not currently have assets ready to devote to this strategy we can also set up an Auto Investment Plan. These plans will only be accepted before the hard close and only on a limited basis. Please call us today, or email anyone at Global View for more information on this fund.

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