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Scaling Higher Education: A Global View Life Series Event

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing our Annual Life Series events this year! First up will be the Education event coming in September! This event is designed to help parents with children in grades 7 – 12 answer the tough questions on higher education and help prepare them to make the right decisions on school choices, funding, and savings strategies.


Helping Your Child Find Their Education Path
Bill Dingledine, Education Directions

  •  Are Grades or Extracurricular Activities more Important?
  • What school is right for your child?
  • Getting the most out of college
  • Helping them through the Admission Process
  • Important Dates

What Every Parent Needs to Know! College Financial Aid 101
Mehul Shah, CPA

  • Types of Financial Aid
  • Applying for Financial Aid
  • How Financial Aid is Determined
  • Increasing Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Avoiding the two Biggest Mistakes
  • Timeline

Saving Strategies and Implications
Stephen Gary, Global View Investment Advisors

  • What vehicles to use? ESA, 529, Roth IRA, IRA, etc...
  • Tax Benefits and Limitations
  • Prioritizing Savings
  • How Global View does it

For more information on our speakers or to contact them directly try;

Bill Dingledine

Education Directions

(864) 467 – 1838


Mehul Shah, CPA

Mehul R. Shah, CPA, LLC

(864) 881 – 1040


Stephen Gary

Global View Investment Advisors

(864) 272 – 0818


Please RSVP by calling 864-272-0818 or email us at Feel free to bring a friend. We hope to see you all there.

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